Alternative methods of teaching
with an individual approach
to every child
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1-4 grades


Sprout is a place where your child can explore the world, play, be inspired, inspire, look for pathways, think, create, eat delicious food, and of course learn. Here, in a warm and creative atmosphere, every young personality gets opportunities for development and new achievements.
Convenient location
Sprout is located in a popular area of the city - Obolon' - on an easily accessible spot near metro stations Minska and Obolon', shopping centre, cafes and ATMs. We will be glad to welcome your kids in our kindergarten and primary school.
Our experience
Sprout School has been working for 7 years already! And all this time we have been evolving, refining and changing to become even better for your children.
Learning in two languages
Teaching in two languages, Ukrainian and English, helps to eliminate language problems and barriers, widens horizons and gives you the opportunity to speak a foreign language at the level of your mother tongue.


  • Inspiring space

    Children come to Sprout with smiles on their faces because they know that an interesting day full of new impressions and discoveries is waiting for them.

  • Small groups make for the great future

    There are no more than 10 students in each group. This allows the tutors to give attention to every child.

  • No home tasks

    You don’t have to spend time doing home tasks. All tasks are being done at the school.

  • Who is in focus?

    Children and their personalities are the focus of attention. We use the principles of humanist pedagogics in teaching, and we believe that the school should be adjusted to children and not vice versa. Therefore, we create the most favorable conditions for their healthy and comfortable development.

  • Modern tutors

    We don’t make to learn, we inspire! The Sprout team is experienced proactive and creative tutors and professionals who love children.

  • Project activity

    Children learn to solve educational and life problems through creative and perceptive activity under the tutor’s guidance.


  • Theatrical activity
    Creative classes that through the game help the child to embody the impression of the outside world with the help of images and actions. The classes take place twice a week.
  • Lego design
    This class is meant for the development of motor coordination, fine motor skills and awakening interest in invention and creativity. It takes place once a week.
  • Chess
    A wonderful activity for developing logic, memory and imagination. When attending the chess class, children become more focused and attentive. It takes place once a week.
  • Art
    An interesting activity for anyone who likes to draw and reproduce their impressions and emotions on paper. It takes place once a week.
  • Foreign Languages (Chinese, Japanese)
    In addition to English, your child can learn Chinese or Japanese. These classes are held once a week.


We offer delicious, healthy and nutritious meals. Warm, freshly prepared food is delivered to the kindergarten twice a day. We take into account the individual needs of each child, so at the request of parents, we can add or exclude certain products from the menu of individual children. During the day, the child has two main meals and two fruit snacks.

(Important: We take a motivational approach to eating: we do not force or forbid, we listen to the wishes of every little person. To make every meal a joy!)
Healthy and steamed dishes
Non-lactose nutrition (we prepare all the cereals on the water), which includes cheese pancakes and cheese with no milk sugar
Salads are prepared only
with olive oil
Fresh vegetables and fruits

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Branch in Obolon
Address: 24а Heroyiv Stalingrada St.
Tel.: (073) 440-50-60