Heroes of Stalingrad st., 24-a, Kyiv, 02000
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Sprout School recognises the important role of parents in the development and progression of their children. For this reason, we encourage the active cooperation of parents and family in the child’s school life. In this way we can ensure that our children are happy, comfortable, and achieving their full potential.

Every month our teachers organise individual meetings with parents, to discuss the progress of their child and gives parents the chance to ask questions. Also, we regularly provide parents with photo and video material to show our teaching process.

Sprout has the tradition of celebrating these special occasions together with parents:

calendar november 25
Autumn Thanksgiving Day
calendar december 31
Christmas and New Year
calendar march 12
Spring Family Festival
calendar may 30
Graduation Day

Internationally recognised curriculum taught at Sprout

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Health and Safety of our children and staff is our priority!

tree tree
  • Access to the school is through an intercom controlled secure door.
  • Visits to Sprout need to be agreed by prior appointment.
  • The building is connected to the central security alarm panel of the security agency and has an alarm button.
  • Each classroom and communal rooms are monitored by CCTV to ensure our children are safe.
  • Staff that are trained first aiders are present at Sprout every day.
  • The building has a monitored fire alarm system and fire extinguishers in each room.
  • If Sprout is required to temporarily close because of a government lockdown, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will conduct online studying and recalculate the monthly payments.
  • There is a shelter in the center to hide in during an air raid

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We eat nutritious, healthy meals, and meet dietary requirements

Our children always eat the food that our licenced caterers prepare, and it’s not surprising! All the food is cooked with love and with the idea that every meal should look like a culinary masterpiece. Most of all, we care about the menu being balanced, tasty and healthy.

  • 4 meals a day
  • Delicious food, cooked with love
  • Naturally farmed seasonal vegetables and fruit
  • Sanitary rules and regulations are observed and followed

Main menu


Vegetarian menu


Gluten free menu


Lactose free menu

Where to find us

Volodymyra Ivasyuka St. 24-a (Heroes of Stalingrad St. 24-a),
Kyiv, 02000

Mon - Fri
from 8:30am till 7:00pm