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About us

Sprout – is a licenced English-speaking kindergarten and a bilingual primary school with an international program from England.

Just imagine, our children use English everyday with each task and so using the English language becomes natural.

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Our mission and vision

Our Mission is to provide our children the opportunity to receive education in accordance with national and international standards to a high level so they can build their life path without barriers and restrictions. 

Our Vision is to make our education accessible to every child according to national and international standards, through individual work, great teachers and promoting excellence in learning.

We are the best

Our values

Multicultural environment

An international focus is much more than just learning a foreign language. Our teachers and our students are examples of different cultures, and therefore the perception of language and traditions goes beyond academic necessity but becomes part of a living process. 


Continuous development including teacher development, along with regular reviews of our program and curricula which ensures our students receive the best possible education.  We are constantly improving our concepts, using both the results of our own observations and those of our colleagues. 

Humane pedagogy

No matter how detailed the program, its effectiveness depends solely on the teacher - on their teaching style and attitude towards the children. A teacher is a soul and a giver of light who inspires a child with their faith. 

Individual attention to the child

Studies show that a child achieves the best results when they learn at their own pace. Working in small groups is our advantage, which allows us to attend the needs of the child in socialisation and individualisation at the same time. Small group work alternating with one-on-one work with the child. 


An international community of other schools that are implementing the same combined approach of national and international programs.

Dual approach of education

During the holidays at our camps, children consolidate their knowledge in life. 

Harmonious development

A balanced development of all aspects of life is important for us, therefore we organise our programs so that they contribute to the growth of these areas. 

To understand what is behind all these words, let's take a closer look: 

English hours at Sprout school per week: 

40 hours of English at our kindergarten, English-speaking environment, and teaching

34 hours of English at our school, of which 16 hours are specialized teaching and 18 hours of supervision throughout the day

  • The child is immersed into an environment where English is spoken by teachers and children  

  • Native speakers’ part of the educational process

  • Certified program (supervised by British teachers from Oxford International Curriculum) 

  • Preparatory courses for children to school with an English-language program

  • Leading methods and programs for seamless learning from British experts 

  • Combined study program (Ukrainian program NUS & Oxford International Curriculum)

  • Individual attention and support from our teachers, is only possible due to small class numbers (which ensures high quality education)

Our students achieve the following:


Fluent in spoken English at preschool age!


Read English from the age of 4.


Can understand films, programs, and cartoons in English.


Prepare for international exams and a great foundation to study ABROAD!


“I was really impressed by your results. Sprout is the first school in Kyiv to implement the Jolly Phonics program, which enables children to learn phonics and start to read and write English at 4 years old, and this is very satisfying.”

Sprout is a unique school that successfully uses this method of studying to encourage children to read and write at such a young age! It is the foundation; it develops and improves their level of English!

Chris Jolly
Managing Director and Owner of Jolly Learning LTD


We teach the Oxford International Curriculum!

Sprout has received certification from Oxford International Curriculum for the early years (kindergarten), primary and lower secondary school to implement their new international program.
We maintain the mission of Oxford University Press, which is part of the University of Oxford, to improve learning and teaching around the world.

The international program for school includes 6 subjects which are taught in English:


5 lessons per week

English as a Second Language

5 lessons per week


2 lessons per week

Computing (Programming)

1 lesson per week *


1 lesson per week *

Global Skills Projects

1 lesson per week *

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Where to find us

Volodymyra Ivasyuka St. 24-a (Heroes of Stalingrad St. 24-a),
Kyiv, 02000

Mon - Fri
from 8:30am till 7:00pm