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of our bilingual primary and secondary school

Bilingual Ukrainian-English elementary school Sprout grades 1-4 and basic secondary school grades 5-9

Oxford International Curriculum
English-speaking environment
Small class numbers

International Curriculum Program

International Curriculum Program

In our school children master English and communicate freely! We don’t need to divide the group according to the level of English as they master the language starting from being 2 year-old kids, when they first opened the doors of Sprout school. That’s why parents choose us. We have pupils, highly powered with English and we set the total English-speaking environment during the day.


International Curriculum Program

At Sprout school we have successfully combined the Oxford International Curriculum and the state program – New Ukrainian School NUS. The children receive the best of both education systems giving them a wider knowledge and a deeper foundation.


5 lessons per week

English as a Second Language

5 lessons per week


2 lessons per week

Computing (Programming)

1 lesson per week *


1 lesson per week *

Global Skills Projects

1 lesson per week *

* Weekly or intensive

We have balanced the workload of two programs so that the children’s education is fun, manageable, and effective, leaving time for sports including football, robotics, art, learning musical instruments, technology and delicious cooking masterclasses. *

We strive for our students to learn in a joyful, safe environment in which they are encouraged, motivated, and create the most favourable conditions for their healthy development to reach their fullest potential.

The team of experienced, proactive and creative teachers use a wide range of teaching methods, with an individual approach to each child to ensure they are successful in their studies.

We always emphasise the importance of life skills, such as respect, honesty, kindness, independence, gratitude, and determination.
Our teachers have a holistic view of every child who studies with us and encourages them to become confident, positive, and resilient young people who love to learn and will be ready for life’s challenges.


timeteble-tree timeteble-tree
School is open for 10 months! (Except 2 weeks of holidays per year).
September - June Monday - Friday
from 8.30 till 19.00
Daily, from Monday till Friday, they have 2 hours (120 min ) of English. They keep studying according to the international program.
The second part of the day is led by a NATIVE SPEAKER. The kids have time for individual work, rest, hometasks, additional classes and, of course, they are surrounded by English.
TO BE NOTICED! The contract for school is signed for 10 months, from September till June, but during the summer months we conduct the camp with natives, for children from 6 to 10. If you’d like your child to attend it in July and August, you’ll need to pay for the camp additionally.
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International curriculum

Effective English learning for all children

Sprout School has created an effective education system that promotes full immersion of children in an English-speaking environment. Your child will have the opportunity to learn English as a second language along with Ukrainian from an early age https://sprout.org.ua/en/kindergarten/
We offer you a bilingual English-Ukrainian curriculum in our primary school (1-4 years) and lower secondary school (5-9 years). That is the child receives lower secondary education to the standards of England as well as Ukraine.

Age groups:
Primary School - 1-4 year
Lower Secondary School - 5-9 year
Experience from the best!

Sprout co-operates and has agreements with institutions in Great Britain – we take their proven methods and use them to create English-Ukrainian educational programs.

This is a very important factor, giving quality education in primary and secondary school. We constantly learn and develop skills from our British specialists to make our school’s program fun and interesting for our children. We not only immerse your child in the world of a new language, but we do it qualitatively and in accordance with the British Oxford International Curriculum program.

The Oxford International Curriculum provides the foundations to prepare each student for academic success at international GCSE, AS and A-levels, including Oxford AQA exams

Why Sprout Basic High School?
Why Sprout Basic High School?
English-speaking environment
full immersion in the English-speaking environment - 34 hours of English per week
Small cozy groups of children
individual attention and help from teachers in small classes - which ensures a high quality of education
Bilingual standards
basic secondary education (5-9 years) not only according to the British, but also according to the Ukrainian standard
The perspective of foreign education
fluency in English after graduation - as an opportunity to receive a foreign education
Admission to our school is subject to a certain level of English knowledge. If the level of knowledge does not reach the required level for admission, then we have preparatory courses to ensure your child is at the necessary level for admission.


Our Fees



  • 2–3-year-olds

  • 4–6-year-olds

  • Sprout always has great deals! The previous price was 15,000 UAH per month, but this month there will be a special price of 12,000 UAH for the new school year


Primary school

  • 1-4 grades

  • 4 meals a day, taking into account the peculiarities of any diet

  • The initial fee of 50% of the initial amount is paid only once.

  • Sprout always has great deals! The previous price was 15,000 UAH per month, but this month there will be a special price of 12,000 UAH for the new school year.

Secondary school

  • 5-9 grades

    – 17 000 UAH for 1 month (additionally paid for 4 meals a day 170 UAH/day)

  • 4 meals a day, taking into account the peculiarities of any diet

  • The initial fee of 50% of the initial amount is paid only once.


Summer Camp

  • During the summer months we run our camp, and all children can join us!

We will answer all your questions!

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