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Vacation in a autumn camp

The autumn camp was amazing. Our kids enjoyed it during the autumn holidays. It was really interesting and very informative. Come and discover all that we did.



It was a great start. We went to the countryside and enjoyed nature. We walked by the river, breathed fresh air and were fascinated by the bright autum colours.

But…. That day was destined to make dreams come true. Our kids admitted they sincerely wanted to make a fire, and we did. The children learned how to use real matches safely and everyone had an opportunity to try.  Oh, how cute it was. We gained new knowledge, rest, warmth and …food. Just imagine, we toasted marshmallows, put between two biscuits and tasted that delicious treat. That start to the week promised a great continuation.


This day was dedicated to relaxation, but in an unusual way, far from being boring. We went to discover POTTERY. The kids were compressing and releasing the clay, feeling the soothing texture. Everyone used their imagination to make a masterpiece from clay, so in three weeks we’ll be able to collect them from the pottery, and our kids can decorate their rooms with what they made. Surely, everybody will remember that day forever.


Wednesday was full of stars, planets and asteroids. We went to a spherical cinema. Its name comes from its construction. The screen is not usual, it is huge, spherical and bright. The children were surprised by the size of the screen.

We watched the film about astronauts, starry skies and planets! It was so very enjoyable.


Oh…that was really a special day. We went to meet animals, the majority of our kids haven’t seen before. We went to HIPPODROME. The children had an opportunity to pet and to feed horses, but it was a SPLASH of emotions when the kids could RIDE A HORSE.

It was a fascinating adventure to learn about the nature and life of these gracious animals. We saw the stables and watched the way the horses were treated and trained. That Thursday nobody could remain the same. We fell in love with those amazing creatures. We, adults, were so happy to see our kids’ eyes sparkle with joy and excitement. This kind of “thank you” is the best.


Although it was the last day of the autumn camp, we were all happy because we had something new waiting for us. That day we didn’t discover the animal world, planets, food or materials…we learnt about the ELEMENTS. First, it was water. We went to the Water Museum and gained knowledge about the centralised water supply system and its history, discovered the pumps power and watched some amazing fish. Moreover, the children had so much fun playing with colourful, bright and really HUGE bubbles.

Then, it was time for air. We went to the glass bridge and with bated breath had a chance to observe the cars below rushing around the city, from an unbelievable height.

Every day the parents and staff were so happy to see the kids learning something new, understanding the world, creating a clay model for themselves and feeling wonderful emotions.  All of us will surely remember every moment from the autumn camp. And now… We face a new challenge. The parents want us to organize the spring camp …  And we are READY! We still have a few vacant places for you little ones. Open up a world of new opportunities, discoveries, and new a vision.

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