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Thanksgiving Celebration

An important achievement of any culture is the establishment, support, and care for traditions in one form or another, which are present in any society.


Celebrating Thanksgiving is a tradition at Sprout School. This holiday has a historical background, and we bring its spiritual and cultural significance to the upbringing and development of our children. A day when we THANK YOU for EVERYTHING!

This is a great opportunity to update our personal achievements, recognition of the important role and influence in our lives not only of the family and environment, but also the contribution of God, which gives us a certain gracious support to develop and grow at all times.

That is why Sprout instils this important value in children’s hearts, celebrating this day every fall, in late November.  To this day, we are preparing very carefully, considering all the little things, from the script of the thematic performance to the organisation of the preparation of traditional holiday treats.

This holiday falls on November 25th. In advance, children with teachers / educators prepare creative performances, decorations, as well as festive attire.

After the solemn part, the focus shifts to the main holiday dish – baked turkey with traditional cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes with bright fresh vegetables!

And while the juicy turkey smells and is cut into portions for serving, children have fun with themed contests and face painting .

Festive mood reigns intertwining aromas of dishes, hobbies and a festive table!

In general, the celebration of Thanksgiving is held in an atmosphere of trust, joy and charm!  After all, on this day, traditionally, we give gifts from the bottom of our hearts with gratitude and hope that next year we will have the undoubted opportunity to be grateful for EVERYTHING, again, together with the Sprout family!

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